We Are Reaching People with the Good News, We Are Missionaries on the Web!

attentionWelcome to Missions in Media Inc., a 501 c3 nonprofit ministry.

At Missions In Media Inc. we agree with Charles Wesley who said, “All the world is my parish.”

Our goal is to take full advantage of the advances in technology, combined with the various gifts and talents deposited to the Missions in Media team, and communicate to millions of people God’s plan of Grace and His word around the world.

Perhaps you, like us, may have grown tired of the news and views presented by the main stream media. You may also be concerned about the direction that our culture seems to be going today.

But even though the world and the secular media do not acknowledge it, we know that God is on the move. He is still actively working in and through the lives of individuals and groups, locally, across the nation, and around the world. The secular media often chooses not to report those stories. Our goal is to present this good news. It is out there, and we are determined to tell it.

Missions in Media, Inc, is the owner of the WMCN e Edition and The Relevant Christian. The e Edition is the outgrowth of the West Michigan Christian News, a newspaper which has been bringing news and encouragement to the West Michigan community for over15 years. We are continuing and expanding that tradition of spreading the Good News by sending the e Edition to a growing number of inboxes each week. To subscribe at no charge click here.

The Relevant Christian is our newly launched media ministry focused on short relevant video segments, designed to address current questions often expressed by today's culture.

We are currently planning to introduce a new series of videos focusing on the Bible. The project is called The One Book Project. In addition to presenting the gospel, individual videos will be produced for each of the 66 books of the Bible, highlighting the major themes and verses of that book. Watch for it.

We are also working on an exciting project entitled Project 2819. Here we hope to encourage filmakers tell God's story of His grace and mercy.

We are non-denominational and non-partisan, but do support and present a conservative perspective on church and societal issues. WMCN is a member of the Evangelical Press Association, known for its quality publications.

We seek balance and discretion in our reporting and we believe if you will read WMCN cover to cover for three consecutive months, you will have a clear understanding of the nature of this publication—and we believe you will find it to be very informative and worthwhile reading.

There are four ways you can help. 

  • If you know of a story that should be told, call or email us. We would love to hear from you.
  • You can pray for this ministry. Ask the Lord to open up the doors and resources required for Missions in Media Inc to present these stories in a professional way.
  • And, please tell a friend about what we are doing. We want to share the good news!
  • Consider making a contribution.

Thank you for your interest!

Onward and Forward